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SchweryCade is a Swiss-based social entrepreneurship.

We support organisations in developing a strategic approach to social responsibility, considering the economic, social, and environmental impacts.

We organise regular workshops on sustainability-related topics; develop customised management tools; conduct research projects; and support organisations in reporting on impacts and value creation.

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Event Toolkit

We have launched a platform to support event organisers with simple tools in the field of sustainable event management.

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Acting Responsibly

We all have the responsibility to consider the consequences of our actions and strive to make positive contributions.

Should this come at the expense of creativity, sense of humour and joie de vivre? To the contrary, we believe that these values can only flourish under these conditions.

Responsible action is the basis for sustainable development

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Introduction to ESG Reporting and Analysis

Making use of the value of environmental, social, and governance data
30 - 01 November / December 2022 , Online

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Double Materiality – Double the effort?


Many companies will have conducted materiality assessments of the financial impact of ESG risks on their operations, serving mainly the needs of shareholders and investors. All equity and bond ratings, such as MCSI or Sustainalytics are also based on this “outside-inward” view. In “reverse”, many companies have measured their sustainability performance using the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The revised GRI version of 2021 focuses clearly on the “inside-outward” impact, e.g. the impact of the company on the environment, the economy, and people. How to manage the double materiality challenge? Two separate exercises or just one?

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  • May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.

    Nelson Mandela

  • Take things as they come. But try to make things come as you would like to take them.

    Curt Goetz

  • Once I was sad because I did not have any shoes. Then I saw a happy man without feet.

    Quote from Africa

  • Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.

    William Bruce Cameron (cited by Albert Einstein)

  • Endless success tarnishes the bravest man!

    Schwery Consulting

  • Children are not our future. They are our present!

    African youth leader, Namibia

  • Having nothing to do can be frustrating. Doing nothing is a luxury.

    Schwery Consulting

  • The main reason for divorce is – the marriage.

    Oscar Wilde

  • If you have no brain, no religion can help. If you have a brain, any religion is fine.

    R. Antonovich (discussion with a moderate Jewish friend)

  • An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

    M. Gandhi (1869-1948)

  • Failures teach you. Fortunes spoil you.

    Schwery Consulting

  • Les préjugés des grands sont les lois des petits

    Helvetius (1715-1771)


We offer

  • GRI Standards Certified training courses
  • Sustainability Assurance AA1000
  • Stakeholder Engagement AA1000 (2015)
  • ISO 20121: Sustainable event management systems
  • Sustainable event management workshops
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We offer

  • Sustainability strategy development
  • Stakeholder engagement process guidance
  • Management of sustainability initiatives
  • Sustainability monitoring and benchmarking tools
  • Strategies on key topics
  • Materiality check
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We offer

  • Survey design
  • Empirical field research
  • Strategy reviews
  • Impact studies
  • Comparative studies
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We offer

  • GRI Standards sustainability reports
  • Creative sustainability reports
  • External assurance
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