Rolf Schwery , Executive Director


Rolf Schwery is the founder and Executive Director of SchweryCade.

Rolf spent nearly a decade in Russia becoming familiar with a foreign culture and language. His first degree is in Economics (University of Fribourg); his PhD in Social Sciences (Russian Academy of Sciences).

As executive director of the Swiss Academy for Development (SAD), Rolf had the positive experience of managing an NGO through difficult times. He is a pioneer in the field of Sport and Development and strongly believes that development doesn’t need to be painful, but can be a lot of fun.

He likes all kind of sports, and plays squash regularly. In 2009, he ran his first marathon in Florence and climbed the highest mountain in Europe, Mt. Elbrus (5642m) in the Caucasus, and Mont Blanc (4810m).

Rolf is fluent in German, English, Russian and French.

Daniel Cade , Deputy Director


Daniel is the deputy director at SchweryCade. He advises organisations on socially responsible practice, especially concerning the management of and reporting on sustainable events.

He has an undergraduate degree in Sports Science and Business Management and a Masters degree in the Management, Law and Humanities of Sport.

Daniel sees sport as an essential companion in life, bringing individuals in to the moment and leaving them with a sense of fulfilment. He believes that sport can be used as a fresh way of engaging with people and opening them up to experience and learn new things.

His main sport is football, which he plays and coaches with a passion. He also competes for fun in triathlons, and enjoys travel, writing and learning languages.

Mia Salvemini , Sustainability Manager


Mia Salvemini joined the SchweryCade team in November 2016. She has a background in both sport and sustainability, as well as art and tourism.
Mia recently completed a Masters degree in Sport Administration and Technology at AISTS in Lausanne. She enjoys both watching and participating in all different sports.

Vy Chi Vuong , CSR Expert


Vy Chi supports the SchweryCade team as a consultant, where she combines the spheres of sports and environmental sciences in her professional life. With a dedication to detail she helps sports organisations investigate how their events can be the most sustainable – not only for the environment, but also for participants, workers and society.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Natural Sciences ETH Zurich, which she complements with a Master’s degree in Human Health, Nutrition and Environment. Besides her work at SCHWERY CONSULTING, she is a passionate dancer, beach volleyball player and a devoted physical education teacher. She believes in the power of sports and sees sports as a special education and a tool to bring people together.

Vy Chi is part of the Nachhaltigkeitsteam of the annual ASVZ SOLA-Stafette held in Zurich, and has been volunteering for the Swiss Universiade Team since 2011.

Alena Schwery , Graphic Design

Alena is responsible for design across various projects.

Her main activities include web publishing, photographic reports, graphic design, preparation of presentations, business and event reports.


Graziella Widmer , Intern

Graziella Widmer joins the team as an intern from the University of Zurich, where she is currently undertaking a master’s degree in Economics.

Aside from her duties involving sustainable event management, Graziella will also use her time with us to carry out a research paper, which is set to focus on using ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) data to integrate into sustainability reporting according to international standards.

She likes to go on discovery tours and to learn new things in the field of sports, cooking and DIY activities.


Katalin Urbán , GRI Trainer

Katalin has experienced the challenges of sustainable development for almost 20 years as well as in industry, as an NGO and also as a consultant, providing diverse view on the issues.

Katalin graduated as MSc in Environmental Technology and Occupational Health in Finland, later also having a decree in Environmental Law in Hungary. She was managing the first ever sustainability report in Hungary (GRI „in accordance”), and has been part of the reporting project for more than 20 reports. She was a member of the first GRI Stakeholder Council, and probably the most experienced user of the GRI Reporting Framework in Hungary. 

She tried several sports, skiing, tennis and cross-country skiing, also including ski orienteering in which she was part of the Hungarian National Team, and participated 4 times at the World Championships. Currently she is a great fan of horse riding.

Katalin is fluent in Hungarian, English and Finnish, and speaks also German.